Make Spray Tanning your Side Hustle

First things first I need to explain a couple of key things:

Mobile Spray Tanning is when you book somebody to come to your house and give you a spray tan.

As we at Home Spray Tan have discovered from over five years in business, most people can’t be bothered to tan themselves! It was our original business model - but the fact is this - for every single customer we have who regularly spray tans themselves, there are another 100 customers who would rather pay someone else to do it for them!

A huge number of customers have reached out to us over the years regarding their Mobile Spray Tanning Businesses, and we have always done everything we can to help them be more successful - because their success = our success.

spray tan salon

You don't need a Salon for spray tanning, in fact many customers find it more convenient for the spray tan to come to them!

Understanding that people would rather pay to get tanned than go through the effort of tanning themselves, was a hard lesson for us to learn - we thought people would embrace the savings by tanning themselves, but it turns out OUR BEST CUSTOMERS ARE SPRAY TANNING THEIR FRIENDS, FRIENDS OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY - FOR MONEY!

So now that I’ve got that out of the way let's look at the numbers:

I spent two hours looking at every mobile spray tanning service I could find for Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Lowest cost of a mobile spray tan: $40

Highest cost of a mobile spray tan: $90

Cost of a Home Spray Tan kit: from $99

Cost of a 1 Litre of tanning solution: $99

Spray Tans per litre (approx): 24

So with these numbers in mind let’s look at the business opportunity:

Cost of buying a tanning kit and a litre of solution - from $198 (buy here)

Actual cost per tan: $4.13 (i.e. 24 tans from a 1 litre bottle of solution)

Minimum amount you can charge per tan: $40

Let’s look at the revenue:

10 tans per week at $40 per tan = $400

Minus the cost of tanning solution (10 x $4.13 = $41.30) = $358.70 per week.

20 tans per week at $40 per tan = $800

Minus the cost of tanning solution (20 x $4.13 = $82.60) = $717.40 per week

Remember to consider the cost of transport to and from your appointments, your mobile phone costs and taxes.

The bottom line:

Doing just 10 spray tans a week can pay the average weekly rent.

Doing 20 tans a week will pay you nearly 60% of the average australian weekly income!

Considering it takes about 15mins to do a spray tan, that means you can earn $717.40 for 5 hours work. Thats some side hustle!

Check out our range of professional spray tanning equipment - and drop us an email if you have any questions! We answer every email personally, and we love helping our customers :)