Where is my order?

Customers who made an order In Jan / Feb 2015 and still not received? We have a very late backorder on a couple of our products - emails have been sent to all affected customers but maybe not received - Please note If your order included an Ultramist Pro 700 / 800, our supply is very overdue and we will be posting them all out in the first week of March - don't worry you will get a generous gift to make up for the delay!! Please PM / Email for more info, our phone system is being upgraded and most call go to message bank right now!

Can anyone have a spray tan?

Yes. Spray tanning is suitable for nearly everyone, and there are many general benefits as well as benefits for specific skin types. We have listed some of these benefits, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions more specific to your own skin type.

Type 1: Extremely pale / fair skin:
With exposure to the sun or UV light this skin type never tans, but burns, gets blistered and freckled.
If this is your skin type we recommend a light tone. In order to achieve this tone, for the first time we would suggest you wash the solution off of your skin after just 30 minutes. Obviously different skin varies - but you should achieve a natural looking light ‘glow’. With this type of skin, as no doubt you are already aware, you do have to experiment, but washing off the solution after 30 minutes would be a great place to start!

Type 2: Pale / Fair skin:
This skin type will still burn and blister, you can have hair from blond to medium brown, eyes blue, green or gray. Like skin type 1, you still prone get freckles, but not as much.
You don't need to go through that risky lobster prone process of achieving a UV based golden glow anymore!
The best depth of spray tan for you is still light, although people with darker skin in this category can attempt medium tan quite successfully. Do not go for dark tan, or at least experiment with a light to medium tan first by washing the solution off yourself within one hour of application

Type 3: “olive skin”
This skin type can still burn, and might also peel lightly. It goes brown quite easily. People with this skin type are generally dark haired with green or light brown eyes, although occasionally you will see somebody with blue eyes.
You will look good in any depth of colour, you can leave the solution on for up to eight hours for a darker tan, or as little as one hour for a medium tan. Spray tanning is much quicker and easier than sun tanning, not to mention the health benefits of course. Now you can enjoy the sun risk free in sunscreen and keep the colour you want with a quick spray and an hours wait before you wash off! - you lucky thing!

Type 4: Dark skin
This skin type looks great with a bit of tan, otherwise it can turn a bit dull - grey or yellowish tones. It rarely burns in the sun, it just goes darker. People with this skin type typically have dark brown eyes and dark brown or black hair. Their unexposed skin is light brown.
Spray tanning will even out the skin tone so that all of your body will be the same beautiful bronzed colour. Just take a look at Kym Kardashian for a perfect and well known example. With a spray tan you will look great, especially if your skin goes a bit gray in winter. Spray tan will give you a golden finish, so you will look perfectly bronzed!

Type 5+: Very dark skin
The darkest skin type. This category is broken down to two or three sub categories, because there are so many different skin shades. Africans, Afro-Americans and a lot of Indians and Arabs fit in this category so there are numerous characteristics. This skin never burns, just goes darker. On unexposed areas the skin can be from dark brown to jet black. Hair and eyes are black.
Spray tanning is becoming increasingly popular amongst these skin types to even out skin color - achieivng dark perfection, or to cover up vitiligo - a condition where the skin gradually loses its pigmentation over time.
Vitiligo is a specialist topic and we have extensive knowledge here so feel free to contact us at enquiries@homespraytan.com.au for information specific to your particular condition.

How can I maintain my tan for longer?

Easy, and your skin will love you! read our article for top tan maintenence tips: Maintain your tan for longer
If I am thinking of doing spray tans from home as a business would this machine be suitable? 
Yes this machine is the new version of what many salons use. Same thing, just quieter, and with a new better spray jet which gives a finer spray mist and less 'overspray' (overspray = wasted spray

Is the machine wall mountable?
No, they are designed for portability rather than fixing.

Does this machine come with a warranty? And also if I need a replacement part for the machine for any reason can you help with getting one?
Yes we offer a 100 day warranty on the machine and we stock all spare parts. These machines are 'industry standard' so you should never have a problem finding new parts. 

Although the kit is pictured with a black machine, would I be able to get the pink machine?
Yes we do have limited stock of pink machines and tents so get one soon!

Spray Gun settings:

The gun should be set up ready to spray out of the box, but if you feel it is not spraying correctly try the following settings:
For a novice spray tanner:
  • Machine fan speed: set to LOW while you are learning how to spray for minimal overspray
  • Spray gun Nozzle: the nozzle at the front of the gun should be screwed in firmly
  • Gun trigger control: on the spray gun trigger, there is a screw. Screw this in full so that you cannot move the position of the trigger, then take 3-4 full turns out to set the gun to limited solution release - this will ensure you are not spraying too much solution at one time.
As you get more confident with the machine, you can adjust the spray gun trigger control to release more solution - thus achieving a faster flow and therefore getting the job done sooner.

What happens if I don't shave before I get a spray tan?

Its not so much the hair, but the shaving which could affect the tan. When you shave you are also removing dead skin cells, which could affect the evenness of the tan.
For best results exfoliate the day before and the day of your spray tan. Use an exfoliating glove and exfoliating shower gel if you can. If you do this, shaving after the spray tan is MUCH less likely to affect your spray tan!


Can you apply sunscreen after getting a spray tan?

Sunscreen is fine on a spray tan!

Remember to exfoliate before you get your spray tan. Also remember to moisturise every day - this will extend the life of your spray tan.

When choosing sunscreen - look for one which is very good for your skin - non comodogenic, free of alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol and synthetic fragrance. 


What happens if I inhale spray tanning solution / mist?

You should avoid inhaling or ingesting spray tanning solution, just like you should avoid inhaling or ingesting other spray on products like deodorant or antiperspirant. It is known that DHA (the active ingredient in yoru tanning solution which gradually develops your tan) is non-hazardous and causes no adverse reaction in moderate quantities when applied to the skin or even ingested.
In fact, in the past DHA has been used as a diet supplement in sports nutrition!
DHA is non-carcinogenic.
Testing has shown that DHA is less toxic than aspirin, caffeine and even common table salt. Based on research, the maximum amount of DHA that could accidentally be ingested or breathed during a spray tanning session would be .05 milligrams (equivalent to less than one grain of common table salt). Ingesting this minimal amount of DHA should pose no health risk. We understand that to some people this is a sensitive topic - dont hesitate to contact us for the sources of this information or for further discussion on the subject.