About Us

HomeSprayTan.com.au is Australia's leading retailer of spray tanning kits, products, solutions and accessories to the public. We only sell the best products, all individually tested to make sure they are easy to use and value for money. Spray tanning is easy when you use the right solutions and the right machines - and that is precisely why we are here - to supply the best products, the best service and the best value!
HomeSprayTan.com.au thinks everyone should have the option of tanning at home - its more convenient, you get the same results using the same equipment as a regular salon and the savings will soon add up! Heres an example:
Weekly spray tan in the salon: $50 - thats approximately $200 per month
With HomeSprayTan:
Tanning solution: $19 per 3 full body sprays - thats less than $6 per tan!*
*with the use a home spray tanning machine