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    Home Spray Tan

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  • Description

    HomeSprayTan have created a super premium express tanning solution especially for home users.

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    Formulated with fast acting DHA for superior olive tones in as little as one hour. A 250ml bottle gives you approximately six tans for the the price of a single visit to the spray tanning salon!


    Unlike many other solutions, we use Australian Native Botanical Oils as the bronzer base, rather than Red, Green or Violet food dyes. This is more expensive for us to manufacture, but it means you get a better tan. The oil base moisturises your skin and helps the skins natural 'capillary action' giving you an incredibly even tan every time.


    With Home Spray Tan solution you get:

    • Flawless finish
    • Anti oxidant rich formula with natural oils instead of the usual artifical bronzers (longer shelf life, more even coverage)
    • Absolutely no fake tan odour or orange tones.
    • Highest grade Fast Acting DHA
    • Designed for EVERYBODY - easy to use, easy to achieve a flawless finish
    • Proudly made in Australia to the highest standards and free of alcohol, parabens or propylene glycol.

    Here's  how many tans for the amount of solution you will receive:

    125ml : approx 3 tans
    250ml : approx 6 tans
    500ml : approx 12 tans
    1 litre : approx 24 tans

    - Amount of tans depend on how you set up your tanning machine and use the product.

      You'll love the incredible scent exclusively created for HomeSprayTan.  Any questions about how to tan? - check out our FAQ or get involved on our facebook page - facebook.com/homespraytan