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  • About our solution - Botanical Bronzers for skin calming hydration and the most natural looking tan

    Home Spray Tan solution uses Australian Botanical oil based bronzers. The oils are water soluble so they wash out easily, but they offer two very special and unique qualities:
    Skin hydration - Getting your skin wet actually dries the skin. Thats why you should moisturise after a shower. Same happens with a spray tan, but because the solution has an oil base, you don't get the same drying effects. Our tanning solution effectively doubles as a Skin Hydrating Masque, calming and hydrating your skin for the duration that you leave it on, whilst developing into a beautiful even tan. We recommend leaving the tan on for 1-4 hours depending on skin type. If its your first time with Home Spray Tan solution, try 1 hour before rinsing if you are fair skinned, 2-3 hours for medium skin types and 4 hrs if you have a darker toned skin. 
    Even, streak free results - Another benefit of the botanical oil base is 'Capillary Action' - When applied to the skin, Home Spray Tan solution naturally spreads evenly across the skin, developing into an incredibly even and streak free tan. You simply won't notice this is a fake tan once it has developed.
    Spray Tanning: Its been around a long time, and it is now better than ever.
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    • Kate says...

      Hi there, I’m looking at doing this as a side business. Is there someone that can spray me with this solution before I look at buying it please? I’m based in St Kilda, Melbourne. Kate.

      On March 24, 2015

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