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  • How to Improve Your Skin Complexion

    Skin Care Advice from the Professionals

    Our appearance affects our everyday self-confidence, right? We take the time to carefully choose our outfits and style our hair, but the condition of our skin can really make or break how we ultimately feel. Whether you have oily skin or are prone to acne, you have probably tried a myriad of products. While commercial products may work for some skin complexions, others can just be a waste of money. But whatever products you choose to use, let’s look at a few ways to improve your skin complexion.

    Moisturising your skin may seem obvious, especially if you suffer from dry skin, but not every lotion is right for your skin. If you are diagnosed with an excessive dry skin disease that falls under the umbrella term dermatitis, it may be recommended to use a prescription lotion. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, you may want to stay away from products that contain heavy oils. But is there another option?

    Essential oils are a great and natural way to care for any skin complexion. From grapeseed oil to olive oil, applying these light essentials oils not only hydrates your skin, but essential oils also contain anti-oxidants that can reduce and prevent signs of aging. Some essential oils even have the ability to even skin pigmentation and sooth redness and irritation.

    But both of these techniques can only go so far. While essential oils may seem like the ultimate solution for any skin complexion, a healthy summer glow can take any skin complexion from dull to bright, helping to boost your self-confidence instantly. You may be thinking, but doesn’t sun exposure create the skin damage and pigmentation I am trying to remedy? You would be correct.

    Thanks to new developments, you no longer have to soak in the sun’s rays to get a beautiful tan. Self-tanners have proved to be effective for not only moisturising your skin to make skin happy, but self-tanners can give you a healthy, summer glow with out damaging your skin (the Home Spray Tan 1hr Express Tan is great for your skin).

    You may also consider changing your diet to boost your skin complexion, and reduce common skin problems including acne and clogged pores. After all, we are what we eat, right? If you are consuming foods high in saturated fat or doused in butter, you are most likely going to see these food’s negative effects pop up on your skin. On the other hand, if you provide your body with anti-oxidant rich, vitamin-packed foods, your skin will benefit. Try adding the following foods to your diet for an overall better skin complexion.

    • Low-fat dairy products
    • Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries
    • Salmon
    • Walnuts
    • Flax seed
    • Whole grains

    If you are self-conscious about your skin complexion, try the tips mentioned above. While not all will work overnight like a self-tanner, your skin will thank you.

    Comment and share your thoughts on your experiences and what makes a healthy skin complexion.

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