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  • How to Feel More Energetic

    Healthy Long-term Solutions to Feeling More Productive and Energetic 

    Productivity can take a huge hit when you are feeling fatigued and lazy, especially on rainy days. If you are going to bed earlier, consuming more coffee, and still not seeing the energy boost you want, you may be wondering what is going on. While everybody’s lack of energy is individual, we have put together a few steps you can take now to boost your energy, get out of your funk, and squeeze the most of your waking hours.

    Take Breaks - It may be hard to rationalise taking the time for a break if you have a hectic schedule, but your body—not to mention your mind—could really use one. Now, we're not saying you should take a break and watch TV or troll social media. In fact, when you are stimulated by technology, even while taking a break, you are using more energy than the amount you are trying to conserve. Instead, try to take a break every hour or so and refocus your mind by getting outdoors and going for a walk or taking a few laps around the office. When you return to your work or the task at hand, you will feel refreshed and energized.

    Avoid Caffeine and Sugars - When you need a quick pick me up, coffee or an energy drink may be a go-to option. But when you need to boost energy and maintain it all day, these energy substitutes can actually hinder you later. When you consume a cappuccino or cup of tea for energy, you body metabolises the caffeine and sugars quickly. This process not only burns energy, but you will feel an opposite affect as your body tries to stabilise itself after the rush. Instead, make a few dietary changes. Add foods like hummus, turkey and spinach to your everyday meals. Fruit, such as bananas and oranges are a much healthier and sustainable short-term option.

    Dress for Success - You have probably heard this tip when going to an interview, right? But did you know the way you feel about your appearance also promotes or decreases your energy levels? Simple everyday maintenance that can be done before bedtime can lead to an all day energy boost, not to mention taking care of yourself regularly can save you time in the mornings, so you can sleep in for even more energy! Keep your nails trimmed and polished—or unpolished, but at least free of chipped paint—and keep up with your hair. Also, apply lotion or spray tan for healthier and brighter skin. Another great way to achieve this brilliant glow is by maintaining a healthy tan. If it is the winter months or your schedule doesn’t allow much sun time, no worries! Applying a self-tanner can not only moisturise your skin, but also give you a healthy glow to promote your self-confidence.

    Eat at Intervals - If you decide to skip breakfast and consume all of your calories for the first half of your day in one sitting, you are actually doing your body a disfavour. Sure, foods are a great way to give your body energy, but when you consume all of your nutrients at one time, only a portion of the intake can be turned into energy at that time. The rest of the proteins and carbs you consume are wasted or stored. Instead, eat a small breakfast, snack on fruits and nuts about mid-morning, eat half of your sandwich at lunchtime, and finish the rest of your lunch later in the afternoon. Eating at intervals provides your body with the fuel it needs throughout the day so you don’t hit that mid-day slump.

    Are you ready to get out and get the most out of your day? Follow these tips and you will see your productivity increase in no time! 

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