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  • Guide to Male Tanning

    Tanning Tips and Advice for Men

    Whether you're focussed on body beautiful, looking to retain that glowing summer look or just enjoy looking healthy and great, tanning has become a large part of the male grooming process and Home Spray Tan are happy to say that we're experts in it.

    Getting the right amount of time in the sun is an art that needs special attention; because too much sun exposure can result in inflammation of the skin along with red burns and rashes, and too little sun exposure will not give the perfect colour you were after.

    It’s particularly important to steer clear of UVB rays that are present on a bright sunny day as they cause most long term damage and even skin cancer, while UVA rays have a longer wavelength and are more penetrating as they can cross your home or car windows. However, you cannot expect to only sit for a few minutes in the sun without a sunscreen and expect to get a tan that is evenly visible on your body, as sunscreens with at least SPF 15 or 30 should be applied because direct exposure to radiation is very hazardous.

    The solution, of course, is home spray tanning - it's safer, healthier and looks great. And you know the best thing? It's easy AND affordable!

    We have devised a list of our top tips in spray tan preparation and practice:  

    • Shave / Wax / Pluck - One important prerequisite for a beautiful tan is to remove as much body hair as possible as this may interfere with the tanning process, preventing solution from spreading along the skin evenly and accurately. However, just as you should always avoid overexposure in the sun, leaving the tanning solution on for too long will result in darker tones you may not have planned for.  
    • Drink - Hydration is extremely important so drink plenty of water - this will stop the skin drying out and maintain healthy skin cells, hence the tan will let longer. 
    • Exfoliate - Before tanning, exfoliating the skin before the application of this lotion is important, as it rids the skin of unwanted debris or other pollutants, thereby giving an effective tan, this will also aid the moisturising process. 
    • Moisturise - A little lesson is dermatology: The top layer of the skin naturally sheds - this is the part that is dyed with the DHA found in tanning products - to keep this top layer intact, use a moisturiser before (although not immediately before) and certainly after the tanning process. You will be able to maintain an optimal tan for days longer.
    • Attire - Unless you are tanning completely in the nude, wear a small pair of Speedos or trunks which you do not mind getting some solution on are ideal - the less tan-lines the better!
    • Be patient - Ensure you wait for a few hours before showering as it gets absorbed in the skin, and also avoid any rain drops or sweat distorting the even spread of the tan. Loose clothing should be worn so it doesn’t stick to clothes and the skin should be kept moisturised by after care products including tan extender moisturiser and tan extending shower gel.

    Remember, home spray tanning does not need to be a one off exercise - with a spray tanning machine or equipment, you can top up that healthy look for minimal cost. Be kind to your skin

    Happy tanning guys! 
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