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  • The 3 Big Tips for Prolonging Your Tan

    How to Make Your Tan Last Longer With 3 Easy Tips

    Artificial tanning or bronzing your skin has been prominently attainable through various tanning sprays and lotions on the market for a good while now. There is such a huge range that it becomes very hard to choose. Many contain different ingredients to suit your preference. Some of these great tanning spray and lotions are such as tan sensitive bronze mousse, which has hypoallergenic content that suits best to consumers with sensitive skin and self tanning hydrating body care.

    One does not need to stay under the prickly heat of the sun for several hours just to have bronze skin tone - we all know this is potentially harmful to your skin, and also helps speed up the ageing process. Tanning spray has offered us the inexpensive and fast visible results fat the consumer’s leisure. And of course it has become your portable tanning “equipment”.

    Many of us have used these products due to its effectiveness and easy-to-use instructions for application. However, using tanning spray or lotion is not always enough, your skin needs more than just a bottle of tanning spray to keep its tanning effect and continue to enjoy having that bronzy look. Here are 3 tips easy to keep your tan skin longer:

    1. Use tan extenders. Tan extenders has been in the market along with tanning spray/lotion. It maintains your tan skin longer than it could actually last. Many of these tan extenders also contain moisturizing effect to eradicate any skin damage as well as skin impurities. One of the most effective tan extenders is Vutan Tan Extender.

    2. No hot Showers. Taking cold showers are much more advisable rather than hot ones. Hot showers will result to peeling due to skin dehydration which can cause uneven distribution of your tan skin - a great in-shower product to help keep that gorgeous glow is Oztan Tan Extend Shower Gel.

    3. Be kind to your skin. Give your skin enough nutrients and rest to retain a good skin condition. You should be aware of what your skin needs as well as the possible deteriorating factors of your skin. This only means that in tanning, using the appropriate amounts and suitable product for your skin type is highly necessary, do not push too hard to have the skin you want in just a snap. Take things slowly to see satisfying results.

    Above all, you can have your perfect summer glow if you apply the tanning spray/lotion fairly on your body to have an even tanned skin. Using tan extenders will help you maintain your desired skin tone and at the same time moisturises you skin keeping it from any epidermal damage and trying to maintain your complexion is trying to keep a healthy skin condition. Once you have followed these tips you can now enjoy a summer glow all year round.

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