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    How Spray Tanning Improves Self-Confidence and Well-being

    Naturally organic Australian made Home Spray Tan solution is the best alternative to sun tanning. The product is organically made and is therefore not at all harmful to your body unlike the strong UV rays emitted by the sun.

    Besides, a tan fills you with confidence as your skin will look healthy, vibrant and alive and best yet, artificial tanning means you there will not be any harmful side effects, neither will you suffer from premature ageing on your skin that comes with UV tanning. 

    In essence, the Australian made spray gives you a fake tan that is safe but has the ability to change your skin for the better!

    What Makes the Colour of the Skin?

    DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the chief ingredient that causes the tan effect to occur. The DHA ingredient is drawn from natural sugar cane. The naturally organic Australian made Home Spray Tanning solution uses Eco Certified Organic DHA. 

    What Does is Cost to Spray Tan at Home?

    The cost of spay tanning solution works out to be as little at $4 per tan! Our solution is specifically formulated to be very easy to apply with our spray tanning machine. We have one 'all rounder' tanning solution which you spray on and leave for an hour for a medium tan, up to 8 hours for a darker tan! Spray tan at home

    Even on your first use you will find it goes on dark so you can see where you are spraying and avoid missing areas. After as little as one hour you can rinse and over the next few hours your tan will develop!

    Check out our tanning solution here: http://www.homespraytan.com.au/collections/solutions

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