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    Forget sun tanning - as glorious as it is to be out in the sun, it is well-known that doctors and dermatologists alike warn over the dangers of UV tanning beds and recommend sunless tanning solution or ‘fake tan’ in order to achieve that healthy glow. Sunless tanning solution and bronzers are much safer and faster then ever yet the results are just as beautiful (if not more!). 

    There are plenty of articles online listing their top home tanning solutions. Knowing whether they’re paid placements or sponsored ads is not easy, neither is choosing which one is best for YOU. Home Spray Tan have broken down the key factors in choosing what is the best spray tanning solution that suits your requirements.

    Sunless tanning may be broken down into two categories: cosmetic bronzers and sunless tanners.

    Cosmetic Bronzers

    Cosmetic bronzers wash off like regular makeup and are available in various forms designed for the face, body or legs. These are good for a temporary fix, as you can wash them off with soap and water at the end of the day. Recommended for an evening out but can sometimes be expensive for a temporary fix - it is also generally more difficult to achieve an even tan

    There are a good number of these on the market, bronzing powders allow you to apply exactly where you feel you need it and build on it from there - this is generally anywhere on the face and is available for pale and darker skins. 

    Bronzing gels have been known to lead to an orangey tone (which nobody wants!) as they are harder to apply evenly, unlike spray bronzers where you can quickly spray the preferred area and blend with a lot more ease. Works especially well for areas such as the face and neck.

    Stick bronzers can be stroked right over the skin for instant colour. These are generally used applied to the skin and followed by rubbing the area lightly with a tissue. Stick bronzers are know to dry out and can be inconsistent. Like most cosmetic bronzers, the solution should not be touched while on the skin - they can be good for a short-term fix but they're not always the most convenient option!

    Like most cosmetic bronzers, you should let it completely dry before wearing or moving clothing along the skin. They are generally the more expensive option compared with sunless tanners as the products come in smaller packages and wash off in just a few hours.

    Sunless Tanners

    Sunless tanners work by affectively staining the skin. These solutions contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which interacts with the proteins in the outermost layer of your skin. As skin cells shed, the tan will fade, usually around four to seven days of the initial application. 

    The most popular sunless tanner form is the lotion - they allow you to apply smoothly with or with a spray gun (or spray tanning machine). One of the biggest issues with spray tanning lotions was the ease of use - it traditionally took two people for a consistent all over tan but new machines have single-person use in mind, so it's never been easier to spray tan yourself at home - even when tackling those tricky areas such as the back and low legs. Tanning Solution

    Mousses are another sunless tanning option. Unfortunately they have never seen the popularity of sprays and lotions due to the relative lack of moisture in the solution, this may cause uneven fade patterns, however they are durable and last a reasonable amount of time.

    The formula varies from brand to brand but it’s a very important factor to keep in mind. Some can dry out your skin or even suffocate it. Artificial bronzers have a shorter shelf-life than solutions made with natural oils. Look out for solutions which are free of alcohol, parabens and propylene glycol in order to look after your skin.

    What is the Best Spray Tanning Solution?

    In conclusion, sunless tanners and lotions have a shorter drying time and are less sticky than most cosmetic bronzers including gels, sticks and powders. They also essentially work ‘with’ your skin, rather than 'on-top-of' your skin to achieve a good tan, this allows your skin to breathe. Cost-wise, sunless tanners are much less expensive and also last longer too - many products, such as the HomeSprayTan.com.au 1 hour solution express tan, allow you to leave it on as long as you want for a darker or lighter shade - it’s also suitable for all skin types.

    Click here for more information on what tanning product is best for you! Happy Tanning!



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