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    Help! How Do You Cure Dry Skin?

    Do you suffer from dry skin? Do you lose moisture in the colder months? There are many products that offer the solution to dry, itchy, even flaky skin but there there are a range of hints and tips that you should follow in order to regain moisture for healthy looking skin.

    Try some some of these tips for a noticeable improvement:

    WARM baths or showers - we all love a steamy hot shower but it’s not recommended if you suffer from dry skin as it strips the body of it’s natural oil barrier. A lukewarm or even a cold shower will get you just as clean and refreshed with less irritation to your skin, dermatologists recommend keeping baths and showers between 5-10 minutes and remember to pat dry - it’s much kinder on your skin! 

    Protect your skin - in hot OR cold weather, it is always a good idea to cover up but dress accordingly as perspiration causes skin to dry up. In summer months, use at least an SPF30 sunscreen (and SPF15 all-year round), UV rays are one of the main causes of dry skin, wrinkles and skin damage. Lip balm (also with sun-protection) will prevent lips from cracking or blistering. Be sure to wear warm clothes if it’s cold out.

    Moisturise - the most obvious one on the list but definitely not to be overlooked. Look for moisturisers with aloe vera or shea butter for best results. We would recommend applying this after a bath or shower. 

    Air-con / Heater usage - Air conditioners can dry your skin in the summer and heaters will dry out your skin in the colder months (as well as hike up the household bills!), although sometimes this is unavoidable, dress cooler in the summer months and dress warmer in the winter months - it sounds so simple but it makes a huge difference for dry skin. The reason is because cooled air, or heated air are both very dry - being in an over heated or over cooled environment for excessive amounts of time is similar to long haul air travel - it dries you out!

    Cleanse carefully - many soaps, shampoos and body washes contain a ton of antibacterial additives that can be harsh on your skin - use gentle soaps or better still soap-free body washes - you do not need harsh detergents to clean you skin!

    Drink! - Drinking more water is a good way to not only to  hydrate your skin but to feel great. Doctors and  nutritionists recommend 2 litres of water per day - this  includes tea and squash, but not very sugary drinks. This is  much easier in hotter months so be careful not Drinking lots of water helps aid dry skinto lose pace  over winter when you may not be as thirsty.

    Sunless tanning - A welcome alternative to moisturisers, as  many home spray tan solutions contain nourishing i  ingredients that will help keep your skin soft and healthy as  well as look warm and healthy! 

    Exfoliate - Be nice to your skin by not scrubbing too  firmly. This will help remove dead skin cells and provide a  great platform for tanning solution or moisturiser. Did you  know that exfoliating also results in better circulation!

    Smart shaving - Follow the basic rules of shaving - apply  shaving cream, foam or gel; shave in the direction of the hair  growth; make sure the razor is sharp; then moisturise. Shaving can irritate the skin especially if the basics are not followed correctly - remember, too much shaving will scrape off the natural oils your skin needs, and shaving with soap will cause irritation - always use shaving gel or cream.

    Routine - A healthy routine will make all of the above work for you. Changing cleaning, drinking and skin care habits might sound daunting at first but there are many products out there that will benefit your skin greatly, working new habits into your healthy lifestyle will improve your skins health now help slow the ageing process. It will pay off very quickly - you will feel more comfortable and more confident. Start today!

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