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    We have compiled a list of top tanning tips, and skin care advice - everything you need to know about how to achieve beautifully bronzed, healthy skin! Read on and make the most of your tan:

    Tanning Preparation Advice

    Exfoliate to prepare for spray tanning

    • Exfoliate! The number one rule of spray tanningGet rid of those dead skin cells with an exfoliating
      glove and / or exfoliating shower gel, as this will make your tan last longer and fade more evenly."
    • Shaving. If possible, wax or shave at least 24 hours before your tan session. Make sure there are no residues from wax or shave foam on your skin before spray tanning. And dont spray tan on irritated skin. Tanning solutioncan be carried on tiny hairs so it is good to shave your legs etc first, but ideally the day before. The longer the hair the more 
      interruption! It also makes it harder to achieve that consistent all-over tan tone.
    • Try not to use deodorant before you tan - this will provide a barrier over your skin and prevent as much absorption, leading to unevenness.
    • Consider your tan options prior to tanning. The amount of time you leave before showering your spray tan off will define how dark your tan will be - so try different timings starting from one hour up to 8 hours to get your perfect tan.


    • Consider spray tanning at a time which allows you to relax while the tan works its magic on your skin! Leave enough time before you go out in the evening, or if you are heading to the salon straight from work, leave time to have a quick wash before you tanRemember a spray tan needs a few hours to develop.
    • Many of us have exercise routines which might clash with your tanning time. It’s not a good idea to exercise immediately after tanning as this may cause drips and streaking if it has not dried properly. As mentioned before, leave time to shower if you choose to exercise prior to your tanning session.
    • Swimming and other pool related activity should be put on hold at least until after the first shower after your tanning session. The sea and swimming pools both speed up the skin's rejuvenation process - i.e. if you swim a lot your tan won't last as long. Don’t be mistaken here - the same rule applies for ALL tanning brands.

    Post Tanning Tips

    • Delay applying moisturiser or spraying perfume until you are confident that you have washed the spray tan solution off.
    • If you are tanning from home using a spray tanning machinebe sure to use warm water to clean out the tanning gun. These can become clogged and generate an inconsistent mist if they are not cleaned properly.
    • Tropical bug spray and other repellents can remove or fade the tan. If it cannot be avoided altogether consider spraying your clothes or even generating a ‘haze’ of spray that you can walk through instead of directly applying it to your skin.
    • It is recommend that you pat dry after your post-tan shower, rather than wipe dry (it’s been said that this is better for your skin regardless of tanning!).
    • Facial wash - It is likely that your face will show signs of fading faster than other parts of the body. Be careful what facial wash you use as many contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which speed up your skin's natural renewal cycle and therefore accelerate the fade of your spray tan. Acne spot treatments are also not recommended. Home Spray Tan solution is non-comedogenic so it will not irritate acne prone skin in any way, but always remember to test a small area of skin first as all skin types are different.
    • It is common for your skin to become a bit sticky especially in the developing phase before your first shower. Try not to touch your skin too much as your palms may become stained much more unevenly than the rest of your body. It’s no problem if you do touch your skin with your palms - just wash the inside of you hands lightly

    Tan Skin Care Advice

    • Moisturising is great, but not before a spray tan as it will affect the spray tan’s absorption.
    • Tan extender -Yes, the sad truth behind any tan is that it will, eventually fade - to increase the longevity of your tan, daily use of tan extender is always recommended (we really like Vutan Tan Extender with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for happy skin!).

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