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  • What is the Best Spray Tanning Machine to Buy?

    What is the Best Tanning Machine to Buy?

    There are lots of tanning machines on the market today and there is no doubt that tanning at home is becoming more and more popular, as a way of avoiding the inconvenience of a visit to the tanning salon and also as a great way to save money.

    Many machines are small, ultra-portable and reliable, perfect for home use. Achieving that perfect all over tan is also very achievable, but which machine delivers? And perhaps more importantly, what is the best machine for you? We have compiled a list of things to consider when choosing the best tanning machine for home or salon use. 

    First of all, let’s address the fundamentals: Price, Quality and Reliability. To differentiate between quality and reliability, we are looking at the overall quality of tan and the reliability of the hardware - in this case the spray tanning machine for mobile or home use.


    One important thing to keep in mind regarding price: it does NOT necessarily reflect quality. There are many tanning machines on the market for $500+. Keep in mind the company size - some products are priced on the reputation or size of large multi-national companies but fail to meet the expectations, this is very common - these companies are charging a lot more because they are paying so much for advertising and marketing and big offices and lots of staff - when they are actually selling the same type of machine. 

    Some spray tanning machines are designed for consistent use, such as salons and mobile spray tanners so it is important to read the machine specifications and relate. Remember: It is very easy to spend a lot when quite simply - you don’t need to!

    Look out for spray tanning starter kits - tanning at home, or starting your own spray tan business is meant to be convenient so make the kit work for you. It is easy to spend much more than you need to on such items as the tanning machine, tanning tent and sticky feet but entire kits are available (see here, for example). Ordering everything at once will almost certainly save you $$$ in the long run and if you’re still not sure - try renting a spray tan machine to see how you get on!


    When we discuss spray tanning, it’s not uncommon for people to mention the same headache, mirror-loathing issues time after time such as too dark or orangey, streak marks or even the odd green spray tan tinge that some tanning solutions produce when they start fading - we’ve all been there, and this is why women and men alike, spend extra (and sometimes even break the bank) at the good old reliable salon. The good news is there really is no need! New innovative technology means that spray tanning can be done with more ease and convenience than ever before for a number of reasons:

    • Noise and mobility - mobile home spray tanning kits are for your convenience, so the equipment must reflect this. If a machine is too large and loud, it’s unlikely going to be easy to use anywhere.
    • The nozzle - the spray gun attached to theHomespraytan.com.au spray tanning machines has been designed to give a very fine mist, making it easier to get a consistent spray tan all over. Other machines on the market have thick or inconsistent sprays which create a thicker layer of tanning solution on the skin - this can lead to 'beading' of droplets of tan solution on the skin, which creates an uneven (and noticeable) tonal range. It is tough to find such focus on what should be very important elements of a home spray tanning kit, so Homespraytan.com.au developed the ‘fine mist’ gun.. 
    -This is the first time a company have built a tanning solution specifically to work with a tanning gun - and it means that the viscosity (i.e. the thickness) of the tanning solution is perfectly matched to the spray gun. Thats not to say it won't work on othermachines - of course it will, but we have tested the two and engineered them both to work together, just like Apple make computers and software especially to work together - but with the freedom of being able to use other machines if you like - this means the hard work has been done for you, we have the perfect match in a kit ready to buy!

        The design - Do not use machines or guns that were not designed for Spray Tanning! Non spray tan specific machines (i.e. commercial air compressors and paint sprayers) may be lubricated with OIL! - obviously you don't want to be spraying that on your skin, and the guns are often designed for oil or solvent based paints with different viscosities - meaning that the gun might spray uneven or speckly, or too wide, resulting in a lot of wasted solution (overspray) and and uneven tan.


        We’ve ALL had bad experiences with products or services (or both!) - a good sign of product reliability is good customer service and returns policies. Many companies offer guarantees but are a nightmare to get through to anyone at the other end of the phone. Homespraytan.com.au offer a 24-hour customer service line and 100 day guarantee - we think our customer service is one of the most important aspects of our business and we take it very seriously.

        Click ‘buy’!

        There’s a lot of things to consider when purchasing a home spray tan machine - you may like the look of one but the price of another but what’s certain is that tanning at home is more convenient, better value and more satisfying. Homespraytan.com.au have earned a fast reputation as leading suppliers of easy to use, reliable home tanning equipment and what’s more, the Ultramist Pro 700 starts at just $129. Technical support is just a phone call or a page click away and we also offer 100 day returns. We take pride in our range so if you’re new to spray tanning or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ve found this article useful in helping you make the right choice in what is the best home spray tanning machine! Happy tanning!

        For more information, why not take a look through our range of spray tanning machines!

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