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    Welcome to Home Spray Tan

    Australian-made Tanning Solutions for All Year Round

    Look beach ready no matter the season. Home Spray Tan are at the cutting edge of spray tan technology and proud to offer innovative designs in spray tanning machines and organic tanning solutions for home, mobile and salon commercial use.

    At we have lovingly formulated a tanning solution (developed, made and tested in Australia) with the best grade Active ingredient DHA and natural botanical oil based bronzers without alcohol, parabens or propylene glycol - so your skin will be as happy with the results as you are!

    Our belief is that tanning products should be as beautiful as they make you look. We always strive for better and better quality products to give our customers a deeper, more realistic and more glamorous tan. Available in sizes from 125ml for three tans, up to a litre for a massive 24 tans, we’ve got you covered through those grey winter months. Complete with a beautiful, subtle scent exclusively made for our products, you’ll be glamorous on every level.

    Our range of spray tanning machines are easy to use and easy to maintain, while also being super quiet and produce a super fine mist for minimal overspray. Whether you’re looking to get a base for summer or keep your look up through the colder months, we’ve got your back.

    The best spray tan solutions

    Nothing but the finest for our customers. Our spray tan kits, machines and solutions make tanning effortless and convenient - the way it should be! No complicated application, no hazardous chemicals and certainly no artificial looking colours.

    We pride ourselves on the quality, longevity and safety of all of our products. We want you to glow from the inside out, not break out in a rash. All Australian-made from the highest quality materials for the ultimate in accountability and quality for our customers, you can rely on to always give you the very best.

    Order online today from our store and experience the difference. Any questions? Call us on 02 3126 3293 to find out more about our range or our company.